Here’s what some of Doctor Linda’s patients have to say…

Testimonials for Chiropractic Care

QuotesI wanted to thank you for all that you’ve done for me and my body. When I came to you I was getting an average of two migraines per week. After you did some fine tuning on my diet, and got me off migraine medication, I very rarely have a migraine these days. This is after 15 years of migraines and seeking relief from orthodox medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, Feldenkrais, standard chiropractors [at least 5 of them] having my eyes lasered [worked for my brother] and lots and lots of drugs and preventatives.

In addition your fine turning my body let me continue my running, a hobby of the last 40 years or so. My knee had worn out some time ago and was rejuvenated by Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, SAMe, and biosil. A couple of months ago the same kind of pain came back and I thought this was it, I was through. You did one manipulation and there hasn’t been the least bit of pain since.

Our continuing visits are bringing some muscles back from almost constant pain to a nearly pain free state. I’m sure with ongoing treatment I’ll be completely pain free soon. I really appreciate your good work and kindness and plan to look into your bliss work soon. ~ Mike Miller

QuotesYou reinstilled my belief in chiropractic through your gentle approach and brilliant knowledge. My trust is limited to you.
Martina Allegria
QuotesIn the past I have evaluated chiropractic based on pain relief and alignment ease. Dr Linda helped those, and something else happened on a more subtle level – my internal complaints were engaged and resolved. ~ GR Mill Valley
QuotesI’ve been going to Dr Berry for more than 20 years; and because of her, I’m feeling better now, at age 57, than I ever did at age 37. And that goes for my cats, too, because she treats them as well. Thank you Dr Berry. And the cats say thank you, too. ~ Martin Snapp – Journalist
QuotesI’ve tried many chiropractors and many body workers. Linda is the best, which is why I keep coming back to her after 20 years. ~ Guy T. Saperstein – Attorney
QuotesMy health challenge is chronic lower back pain. I’ve been to over 20 chiropractors over a 25 year period – none as capable and interested in their patients as Dr. Berry.

Dr. Berry’s overall approach to health in addition to her care and maintenance of my back and spine is outstanding. Through regular visits, I have learned a great deal about diet, nutrition and exercise that have been instrumental in helping me eliminate back pain and, moreover, fell better in general. I find that I don’t get sick (colds, flu, etc.) when I visit Dr. Berry on a regular basis. Follow Dr. Berry’s advice — it will work!  ~ Barry Freilicher

QuotesI needed a cane when I limped into Dr Berry’s office for the first time. Less than an hour later, I walked out on my own steam, muscles sore, but miraculously able to walk.
I had been walking my dogs and I slipped and took a tumble. My knee was swollen and painful, but at least I hadn’t broken anything. A client who is a chiropractor recommended Linda as someone who is phenomenal with muscular problems. I got an appointment, hobbled in and walked out, totally relieved.
Since then, Linda has helped my husband overcome bursitis of the hip which was so bad that he was taking shots for it. He wasn’t allowed to have any more cortisone injections, so started seeing Linda, and now less than a year later, is relatively pain free. We have Dr Berry tune us up whenever we feel something is out of whack. Her methods are gentle, and the results and immediate. I highly recommend her. ~ Melissa Lyckberg – Realtor
QuotesThis is a short note to express my appreciation for your excellent chiropractic treatment, and support for my good health during the past year. Whether it was my left leg, eye headaches or mid-back discomfort, you carefully and routinely resolved the problem and improved function. Your methodical, thorough, and consistent assessment and treatment approach is unique. You are able to resolve a current physical problem and help to prevent future problems at the same time. You are compassionate and take the time necessary to treat each patient’s physical concern and the stress it causes.
Additionally, I am grateful for the effort you make to update and extend your knowledge base, as well as remain current in pertinent research. I know that I have benefited several times from your ongoing professional development. A perfect example of this practice is your expertise in the use of nutritionals and balancing the diet to suit each individual. All the adjustments that I have made in this regard have been helpful. You are an essential element in my healthcare. Thank you for being outstanding at your work. ~ Rhoda L. Agin, Ph.D., CCC

Testimonials for Nutrition

QuotesWow! Dr Linda nailed a nutritional problem I’ve been trying to figure out for years. I mentioned to her that I often feel crummy after hard exercise. She asked me a couple of questions then recommended magnesium in a particular form. I ran downstairs to my health food store and chewed the first cap to test its effectiveness. It did the trick — muscle soreness, heaviness, and fatigue improved, and with a second pill a few hours later I was back to happy again. She suggested other connections to this supplement that were just what I had been puzzling over for decades and needed to hear. ~ GR, Mill Valley
QuotesThanks for taking the time to produce the Breast CD, I really enjoy it: it is helpful, informative and beautifully done with great music choices.  ~ Carol Carlisle
QuotesIn Dr Berry is the greatest! I’m at that premenopausal time of life, and my legs were killing me – muscle cramps and aching that nothing seem to “fix”. Her excellent powers of observation, as well as her extensive knowledge of nutrition, helped me overcome this problem. It’s amazing what the right nutrients can do for ailments. I have referred many of my friends, and they are happy too! ~ Nancy Thompson – Waitress
QuotesDr Berry is the greatest! I’m at that premenopausal time of life, and my legs were killing me – muscle cramps and aching that nothing seem to “fix”. Her excellent powers of observation, as well as her extensive knowledge of nutrition, helped me overcome this problem. It’s amazing what the right nutrients can do for ailments. I have referred many of my friends, and they are happy too! ~ Nancy Thompson – Waitress

Testimonials for Weight Loss

In ten weeks, I have lost 21 pounds and 20 inches, including over 4 inches lost at my waist! It is the lowest weight I’ve been in years and I plan to continue my journey towards a healthier lifestyle in the weeks, months and years to come. For the first time, not only do I fully understand what it takes to lose weight, but I understand know how to get there. To me, the educational advice and the weekly check-ins with Dr. Linda (which also included measurements) were invaluable.
Perhaps even more importantly, I finally figured out with Dr. Linda’s help that wheat creates painful flare-ups for my Fibromyalgia–I’ve been about 90% wheat free for the past ten weeks as well and my pain levels have diminished significantly. ~ Lucy Seligman, Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT & Reiki Practitioner

Testimonials for Trauma Healing

QuotesI sincerely recommend this healing and this fabulous healer, Dr. Linda Berry. Trauma has affected us all. Here is our chance to heal. Dr. Linda Berry is a brilliant and gifted healer who has helped many of my clients and myself so very much. ~ Reverend Jo Ellen Michelle Talley
QuotesI just want to tell you and thank you. The treatment that I got from you really helped me a lot be more calm and not so distressed. Thank you very much. I just want you to know that it helped me a lot. ~ Xenia Iwanov

Testimonials for Laser Therapy

QuotesI had low back and knee pain and both legs went numb after just a few minutes of standing for 3 whole years. Kaiser said there was nothing they could do to help me. So I went to see a chiropractor for several visits. The chiropractor said he got me balanced — but I still had as much pain as I did before I started.
With Dr Linda’s laser therapy … 75% of my low back pain was gone after 2 visits. After the third visit, I was able to walk for an hour without my legs going numb and I had no low back pain. Now I’m back to gardening and climbing on ladders. When I went to Hawaii on vacation, I was able to walk a lot — more than I was able to for 3 years.
Now with my 82nd birthday coming up next week, I’m going to get back to the gym to start working out again. Thank you Dr Linda for your laser therapy. You gave me my life back again! ~ Tony Freitas

Smile Into Distress

Beautiful, you have an amazing voice! Your kindness and wisdom really come through and are very soothing. ~ Rick Hansen, author of Buddha’s Brain

Testimonials for RejuvenateU

QuotesI just wanted to thank you for the shoulder exercise! I was getting a headache due to my neck tightening up and your exercises made it all go away! Now when my neck hurts I remember to loosen up my shoulders  ~ Nancy Burroughs
QuotesI enjoyed your video so much, I posted them on my FaceBook page and on a community page. ~ Elinor Stutz
QuotesThese are terrific. I’ve enjoyed them very much and passed them along. ~ Cara deVries MFT, SEP
QuotesI love your video clips. They are easy to do and easy to remember and I can do them in my office. The exercises are great fun. They remind me of stuff I did as a kid just fooling around to be silly. Now I know the value. Thank you so very much. ~
Samille Harris Clark, HR Consultant, MHL

Testimonials for Breast Health

QuotesDr Linda told me my muscle pain and achiness may be from a Vitamin D deficiency. She was right! When I got the test, my level was way below the low end of normal. Since I started taking Vitamin D3, my body feels so much better. Thank you.”
Stephanie ~ Wilger, C.N.C

Testimonials for Health Updates

QuotesJust wanted you to know that I am really glad to receive your enews. These are truly informative, interesting and really well done – totally worth my time to read: just what an enews should be! Nice job. ~ Allison Bliss
QuotesNice Linda! A great message. I appreciate what you send out and what you stand for. ~ Dot

QuotesThank you for providing so much useful information and helpful techniques for improved well-being. I appreciate your generosity in giving so much valuable information to me and so many others.~ Linda C.

QuotesThanks for these Linda, they are beautiful and engaging, simply elegant and inspiring. ~ Maureen Murphy
QuotesGreat job on your newsletters…lots of good information and catchy titles. I saw this article quoting you, and I just wanted to say it was a pleasure to read something from someone who tells it the way it needs to be said! ~ Dr. J
QuotesThis is an excellent posting. It’s concise, well written and informative. The subject is very important. Thanks for the info. ~ Fred Wozniak
QuotesThank you for continuing to bring this uplifting/healing information to all of us on your email list! You are one of the blessings in my life! Blessed Be! ~ Trinity