Nutrition Counseling

Are you confused by all the health information out there? Do you know what’s best for you to feel terrific? Sometimes it takes a guide. all humans share common characteristics but we’re also as different as our fingerprints. You’ve heard the expression, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Find out what makes your body hum with an individualized nutrition program designed for your specific needs.


Here’s what a few of our patients have to say:

QuotesThanks for taking the time to produce the Breast CD I really enjoy it: it is helpful, informative and beautifully done with great music choices. ~ Carol Carlisle

QuotesDr Berry is the greatest! I’m at that premenopausal time of life, and my legs were killing me – muscle cramps and aching that nothing seem to “fix”. Her excellent powers of observation, as well as her extensive knowledge of nutrition, helped me overcome this problem. It’s amazing what the right nutrients can do for ailments. I have referred many of my friends, and they are happy too! ~ Nancy Thompson – Waitress

QuotesWow! Dr Linda nailed a nutritional problem I’ve been trying to figure out for years. I mentioned to her that I often feel crummy after hard exercise.

She asked me a couple of questions then recommended magnesium in a particular form. I ran downstairs to my health food store and chewed the first cap to test its effectiveness. It did the trick — muscle soreness, heaviness, and fatigue improved, and with a second pill a few hours later I was back to happy again. She suggested other connections to this supplement that were just what I had been puzzling over for decades and needed to hear. ~ GR, Mill Valley

Stress Reduction

Stress is bad when it doesn’t stop. You know it wears you down mentally, emotionally, and physically. How can you get ahead when the stress bomb keeps chasing you? There is a way as unique as you. You deserve to find peace, and ease, and joy. We work together to create massive defense against stress while rebuilding your foundation of mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Whether you have 5 pounds or 200 pounds you want to lose, I have custom plans that are right for you. Yes, exercise and diet are important but often there’s more to it than just that. What are the missing pieces of your weight loss puzzle? We’ll work together to find the perfect formula so you can reach and keep your ideal weight.

“In ten weeks, I have lost 21 pounds and 20 inches, including over 4 inches lost at my waist! It is the lowest weight I’ve been in years and I plan to continue my journey towards a healthier lifestyle in the weeks, months and years to come. For the first time, not only do I fully understand what it takes to loose weight, but I understand know how to get there. To me, the educational advice and the weekly check-ins with Dr. Linda (which also included measurements) were invaluable. Perhaps even more importantly, I finally figured out with Dr. Linda’s help that wheat creates painful flare ups for my Fibromyalgia–I’ve been about 90% wheat free for the past ten weeks as well and my pain levels have diminished significantly.”  Lucy Seligman, Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT & Reiki Practitioner

Detox or Not?

Did you ever wonder if toxins were negatively affecting your health? If your joints hurt, your mind is foggy, or you’re tired a lot it’s likely you’re overburdened with toxins. Do you get sick often? Do you have GI problems? Do you have skin problems, headaches, or bad breath? If you answer yes to any of those questions then definitely yes you’re toxic. I offer cleansing programs with or without support products from 2 to 21 days to suit your specific needs.

Hormone Balancing

Whatever your age, symptoms you’re suffering with may be eased by balancing your hormones. There are many factors that affect hormone balance. Toxicity, daily rhythms, deficiency, and excess all play a part. Hormones affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you have problems in any of these areas smoothing out the daily or monthly dance of hormones could be your fix.

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is the study of muscle motion. AK Doctors use the information we receive from testing your muscles as well as physical signs and symptoms, plus a complete history to uncover the root cause of your aches, pains, and health challenges. AK was discovered by Dr George Goodheart, a second generation chiropractor in the 1960′s and is now used by Doctors of Chiropractic around the world. AK doctors combine the knowledge of many healthcare disciplines to offer you the most complete system of diagnosis and treatment that chiropractic can provide.

Pain Relief

Pain is debilitating and exhausting. Sometimes its simple to find and fix the cause of pain and sometimes not. I offer knowledge and skills that span centuries right up to modern day cutting edge technologies to get you out of pain completely and quickly. These techniques include chiropractic adjustments, laser therapy, ultrasound, diathermy, massage, muscle balancing, nutritional intervention, lifestyle practices, and energy balancing. The more pain relievers and anti-inflammatories you take the more you put your liver, GI tract, and kidneys in danger. Find a solution that’s longer lasting and often times permanent with me.

Auto/Sports/Work Injuries

When you get knocked around and injured in a collisions, while at play, or at work you suffer. Your work performance, your home life, and your mental function are all compromised. Taking NSAID’s like Tylenol or Advil are OK for 3 days but more than that can cause life threatening damage to your liver, kidneys, or GI tract. I offer safer, effective ways to quickly get you back to your normal life again. My billing staff works with you to figure out your insurance coverage.