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Q: ”For some time now I’ve been dealing with constipation, bloating, discomfort, problems with lack of belching, and stiff neck. At the same time a year ago I started to really work out running, lifting nothing major, but a strong pain in my lower back arose. It was not a certain lift or anything, but my abdominal pain got worse like spasm because of the bloating… the little pain in my back in now in my neck upper back and heels. I have not worked out since April this year. So I’ve had enough time to recover but it still hurts a lot. I’ve seen a chiropractor, orthopedic doctor and a physical therapist. Now they’re sending me to an arthritis specialist. They can’t seem to find the problem for the stiffness and pain. I’ve done MRI and x-rays. I have also seen a Gastrologist for my stomach. He fails to run any tests on me..just gives stuff like Miralax and nulev for the pain… but I’ve seen in an article you wrote about the back pain and constipation… do you know what could be wrong with me. My chiropractor thinks that it’s also toxins in my body, but the other doctors do not agree… PLEASE HELP ME! Between the back, neck, upper back, heel pain, bloating, constipation… life is getting hard!!!!”

A: You have a complicated set of symptoms. Questions like how many bowel movements a day do you have, how much water do you drink, what is your diet like, what are your sleep patterns like, etc.? all come to mind.

Lab tests you might consider with your doctors are those for inflammation. Fibrinogen, High Sensitivity C Reactive Protein, Insulin, and Sedimentation rate are all tests appropriate to your condition. I don’t know that you will want to follow the recommendations of the arthritis specialist you may see. Their course of action is to recommend medications that poison your heart, liver and kidneys as well as irritate your GI tract which is already in trouble. Recently three major drugs prescribed by MD’s: Alleve, Viox and Celebrex have been implicated in causing heart disease in patients taking them.

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