Smile Into Your Distress – A free audio for you!

Stress Threatens Your Health and Well Being

Are you having trouble keeping it together with all the problems in the world and in your life?  Are you stalled creating what you want because you just don’t have the energy to do one more thing? Is your health and peace of mind suffering because you’re overwhelmed?

Smile Into Distress: How to turn stress into a mighty fuel to power your life and dreams.


Secrets From The Ancients

 From ancient Taoist wisdom comes a secret that will wipe away the damaging physical, mental, and emotional effects of what’s keeping you down. This simple technique will transform your problems into positive energy to boost your life and vision to the next level.


The Inner Smile


Taoists named this powerful technique The Inner Smile. Its ability to improve health is validated by current science. Not too long ago The Inner Smile was a secret passed down only from master to student. Permission was granted … and now this healing practice is available to you and your loved ones.


Dissolve Distress


Dr Linda offers The Inner Smile to you for FREE in a 15 minute guided journey called Smile Into Your Distress. During Smile Into Your Distress you’ll wall off your problems so they can’t hurt you anymore. With the strength of your smile, you’ll dissolve mental, emotional, and physical distress.


Build Vitality & Energy


The magic alchemy of this simple process changes your distress into a mighty fuel that will inspire, motivate, and accelerate your journey to a better life.


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