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Face & Skin Rejuvenation Guide

Join Dr. Linda for an in depth investigation into many of the factors that create supple radiant and youthful looking skin. Starting with ancient taoist wisdom, this video shows exactly what to do to energize and rejuvenate your face. Follow along with Dr. Linda until you master this less than 5 minute practice and then do it whenever you need a little “face lift.” $37.00 for online access to video and ebook.


Internal Cleansing

smpic-4Dr Linda Berry offers us a fresh, clear voice in her simple, practical purification guidebook, Internal Cleansing. Dr Berry first helps us to understand the many areas of potential stress in our lives and the problems that may occur; then she helps to orient us to the many practical references for us to pursue further knowledge and support from her many helpful guidelines. Use my book to rid your body of toxins and feel fantastic naturally.

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The Inner Smile Trilogy

smpic-5The Inner Smile Trilogy turns you on with ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology. In this soothing 3–part audio program, Dr. Linda guides you on a journey through your body, mind, and spirit rejuvenating every bit of you, transforming stress, and cultivating joy with the healing power of your smile. $9.97 for Audio Download / $19.97 + $5.00 shipping for CD


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Breast Health

smpic-6Luscious Jazz entertains you while Dr. Linda shares proven ways to create exceptional breast health naturally. Learn the safest and most effective ways to test. Find out probable causes so you can avoid them. And discover easy ways to prevent breast disease or its reoccurrence in this 3-part audio instructional lecture series that puts women’s wisdom at the forefront. $9.97 for Audio Download/ $29.97 + $5.00 shipping for CD

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Tantra for Health, Enlightenment and Bliss

 Dr. Linda and guest guide, Dr. Khaleghl Quinn, Ph.D, Qi Gong, Kung Fu, and Judo Master, bring their life-changing workshop into the privacy and convenience of your home. With these practices you will generate potent energy to feed your body, mind, and soul. You’ll build magnificent health, savor an increased sense of sacred sexuality, and enrich your dance of life. $39.97 + $5.00 Shipping for DVD