7 Secrets to Get Out of Pain Now!


Pain happens for many reasons…

Trauma causing pain may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Check out these secrets to get out of pain now and be happy in your body again.


1. Get enough sleep – When you don’t sleep well at night you don’t have the chance to rest and repair. You keep making demands on your body when it’s not up to doing the task.

2. Drink enough water – Your joints love water. They need it to create a good cushion between your bones. Your gut lining needs water to keep the cells plump that protect you from strong digestive enzymes. And you need enough water for an “internal shower” that washes away toxins that cause pain.

3. Keep good posture – When you slump or your head projects forward of your neck you put added stress and strain on delicate nerves that exit between the bones of your spine. For every 1” your head juts forward of the center of your shoulder it adds up to 60 massive pounds of pressure on your nerves causing trouble for your heart, lungs, arms and hands. Your low back suffers too.

4. Get flexible – When your body is tense and tight your muscles shorten pulling your back bones out of place. This puts pressure on your nerves and causes pain. Also tight muscles compress nerves that are close by or even exit through muscles on the way to their destination.

5. Watch your attitude – When you’re in a funk or a bad mood your body gets bombarded with distressing electric and chemical messages that put you out of sorts and create pain.

6. Eat right – What you eat increases the pain in your body or makes it better. Eat to support elimination so your body gets rid of toxins that cause pain. Avoid saturated fats, sugar, and refined carbohydrates that add fuel to the fire of pain. And eat enough omega 3 fats to put out that fire.

7. Use the power of your mind – You get more of what you focus on. Your mind is a powerful tool in your quest to get out of pain. Maybe there’s a part of your body or a memory you can call up that’s pleasant or feels ok. Decrease pain by focusing on a part of your body that feels OK or maybe even good. Or remember a pleasant experience to shift from pain to feeling good again … even if it’s just for a moment. By training your focus to merge those moments together, you’ll gradually increase the time you feel good or at least ok.

Let me be your guide through the wasteland of pain!