Walking is a great way to stay fit. I’ve been using Nordic Walking Nations Walking poles for a few years to burn more calories in less time and to strengthen more of my muscles than with regular walking.

You can buy cheap poles but I decided on Nordic Walking Nations Poles because they’re a better investment over time and they’ve been designed for optimal ergonomics by a Doctor of Chiropractic. I also found out they cost about the same at REI but come with more accessories.

Here is why Nordic Walking Nations nordic walking poles are better than others:


  • Nordic Walking Nations has created the first Home Rehabilitation Exercise Program in the nation. They are the only company that provides you with their licensed home rehabilitation exercise program, which includes strengthening, stretching, breathing and balance exercises.
  • Their high end custom pole sets rival the famous European Leki poles. Nations pole sets are half the price of the Leki poles because they include an additional $60.00 in accessories not included by Leki. These accessories are a cloth carrying bag and 4 sets of additional rubber boots.

Why should you use Nordic Walking Nations nordic walking poles?


  • Most people tend to focus on one activity or type of exercise and think they’re doing enough. The goal, however, is to be creative and choose all four types of exercise – Endurance, Strength, Balance and Flexibility – that gives you a complete “Full Body Workout”. Nordic Pole Walking includes all four types in one simple walking exercise that can be worked into anyone’s busy schedule.
  • Nordic Pole Walking engages up to 90% of your body muscles compared to 40-60% with regular walking. It also relieves 26% stress off your lower back, hips, knees and ankles because it redistributes the stress equally throughout your body, not just into you lower back and legs.
  • Nordic Pole Walking provides twice the health benefits as regular walking in half the time. It is a Full Body Aerobic Resistance Exercise creating a cross motor function benefit, all in one walking exercise. Anyone at any age even with disabilities, who can walk can participate.
  • The more muscle engagement during exercise, the more calorie and glucose you burn. (Individual rates depend on body composition and fitness). Example: Calorie Burning per hour: Nordic Pole walking, 600-900 Kcal compared to Regular Walking, only 240 Kcal.
  • It’s easy to understand why Nordic Pole Walking has become so popular around the world today. Even though it is a low-impact exercise, it has maximum Health Benefits proven with over 350 Medical studies.
Dr Linda
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